"Be Part of the Future! Not the Past! - Together, Let's Change Rotherham for Good!"

"I stand for Rotherham, I make no apologies for having pride in Rotherham. I will speak up at every opportunity for Rotherham and it's people".
Peter Thirlwall

Friday, 10 December 2010

Events at Council Meeting 8th December 2010 Councillor Peter Thirlwall's View.

At the previous Council Meeting on 27th October, at which Councillor Sharman was absent, I asked how Councillor Sharman had voted on the Local Development Framework (Incursion into the Greenbelt).

The Leader of the Council refused to answer the question and said that he would respond to me in writing.

No such response was received, I therefore asked Councillor Sharman, at this month’s Council Meeting on Wednesday 8th December 2010, how had he voted? He answered, “that he was in hospital at the time and did not attend cabinet on that day”.

During the meeting I checked the minutes of the cabinet meeting, and found that, the answer I was given was not the truth, the minutes revealed that Cllr Sharman had in fact attended the meeting.

At this point, I raised a point of order with the Mayor, pointing out the inaccuracy and asked for an accurate answer.

The Mayor told me that “I had had an answer” (although now obviously wrong) and because I kept pressing for the truth, which the Leader did not want to give me, the Leader moved 'that I be no longer be heard'. All Labour Group members then voted in favour.

The Mayor then, in breach of standing orders, immediately moved that 'I be ordered to leave the meeting'. Again all Labour Group members voted in favour.

In view of the fact that the Labour Group have never abided by standing orders and seem to want to cherrypick the ones that suit them and interpret them in imaginative ways when it suits them, I refused to leave, in protest.

My legitimate protest was met with a response that rapidly descended into farce by Labour Group members acting in a thoroughly undignified manner.

The Chief Executive then told me that, “if I refused to leave, he would fetch the Police”. I told him that “if the Police ask me to leave I was prepared to do so but I would not be bullied by the Labour Group into doing so”.  This was a flagrant abuse of the Chief Executive’s influence by involving the Police and putting them in an invidious position in a civil matter that had nothing to do with them.

When the Police arrived and asked me to leave I did so.

I am 65 years of age and have never allowed myself to be bullied and I don’t propose to start now.

The Labour Group believes that, because they have an overwhelming majority on the Council, they can do as they please regardless of the rules; Rules that they themselves made but are not prepared to abide by. I try to show them just how fundamentally unfair and undemocratic they are.

The people of Rotherham have been lied to, Labour Councillors know this, but nevertheless allowed a flagrant abuse of power to silence me and to keep the actual truth from us.  

We are still none the wiser as to the way Councillor Sharman voted? It cannot be a 'State Secret'?

A democratic outrage if ever there was one!

Peter Thirlwall

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A very big thank you!

A very big thank you to each and every elector who took the trouble to cast their vote for me in spite of the many siren voices desperately appealing to them, to vote the way they always did in the past.

My vote of 2,366, was 6.3% of those voting and easily exceeded the threshold of 5% needed to save my £500 deposit and I am delighted at it's return.

I would also like to place on record my thanks and eternal gratitude to all those who contributed to my campaign, from encouraging me to stand in the first place, supporting me over the last two years and helping me in a successful campaign during the last few months, space does not allow me to mention you all by name but I am sure you all know who you are. 

A special thank you to my Agent, Rik Van Hegan. Without him, all my efforts and resources and those of the Rotherham Independents would not have been used to best effect, nor would we be so well placed across the Borough for the future. I know his commitment to the Independents cause in Rotherham is total and his future involvement assured, to the benefit of all who want to find a better way of running things here in Rotherham.

Set in a National context of the Independent Network, our performance was remarkable, only exceeded by three others who were backed by pre-existing mass membership campaigns with money and troops being plentiful. We came fourth nationally and one of only six in the whole country to save their deposit. Unfortunately most Independent Network candidates managed at most a few hundred votes, the lowest was 76 I believe! Esther Rantzen standing against a serial expenses offender, Labour MP Margaret Moran, managed only 4.4% vote share with a well financed campaign, complete with large numbers of volunteers behind her. In my case I funded my own campaign and because the local elections deprived me of significant human resources as the local candidates fought their own campaigns, in spite of these handicaps, we achieved an electoral result beyond any reasonable expectation when the campaign started.

The local government elections in Rotherham this year with eleven Rotherham Independent candidates was a huge success, We garnered 10,000 votes, averaging 15.3% of the vote. A magnificent result especially when the local election results are clearly skewed by the increased turnout that the General Election  produced. In Rotherham a total of 12,348 votes supported our vision for a new approach to politics based on a freedom from dogma and tribalism that, I know, is at the root of many of the problems that we face daily and they have not solved in the 36 years since RMBC came into being in 1974. Enough time you would have thought? to have at least a grip of things, but they fail every time they try, why? because they don't listen to the people, no matter how loud they shout. Rotherham Independents are that voice and you will all hear much more from them in the future.

I have always made it clear that this would likely be, the last time I would contest a public election above Parish level.  I have served the people of Rotherham in many capacities over more years than I care to remember and now is the time for me to gradually retire from public life and to give me the time to devote to my family and to get a chance, at last, to enjoy some of my interests that I have never had the time for, until now. I have found it all very rewarding personally, I hope that it at least helped in some small way. The promises I made during the campaign I will honour to the best of my ability during the remaining period I am on the Council.

Without the steadfast support of Jean, my wife and my family, very little would have been possible, they have been my bedrock through good times and bad. I will be eternally grateful for their love and support.

On the future, Rotherham Independents have grown from modest beginnings to be the committed group they are now. I am convinced that theirs is going to be a successful future with great possibilities as they work to gain the support of Rotherham's voters for their vision of inclusion and involvement, tolerance and above all freedom from all Party dogma, fixed policy and a maturity, not unfortunately, commonly demonstrated by either Labour and the Tories on the Borough, Town and Parish Councils of Rotherham.

Thank you once again to everyone.

Peter Thirlwall

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What you will get if you vote Labour on May 6th

This is what voting MacShane will give you, an empty seat!
He always disappears, when his constituents want to ask questions, that need answers!
Peter Thirlwall will always be there, standing with the people and making their voice heard!
Vote Independent
Vote Thirlwall X
A message from Peter Thirlwall's Campaign Team

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Look! Who was missing! Yes it was MacShane, of course!


The strange case of the disappearing politician!  MacShane and his Agent, Anna Chester, were involved in the early planning of Sundays event. At the time, invitations had only been issued to Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrats. He had apparently indicated his attendance on numerous previous occasions. It was surprising then, that suddenly he was unable to appear due to prior commitments, perhaps It was only when he heard that Peter Thirlwall had, unexpectedly been invited to attend, that any doubt existed about MacShanes attendance. He issued a statement of explanation which was somewhat undermined by sightings of him the same day.

It has also been reported that he tried to get another local MP, to substitute for him and take the heat for him, he very wisely declined!  What nerve!  Not only would he not share a platform with Peter, he tried to hide behind a more honourable national politician with certainly more 'bottle' than MacShane displayed on Sunday, no small wonder then, that cooperation was unforthcoming. 

The utter contempt he has for his electorate, already legendary, is clearly shown here. He has  already brought shame on Rotherham by his behaviour and his unwillingness to account for his spending of your money. Now he is just plain embarrassing to us all!  
" I accuse MacShane of political cowardice of a seriousness which makes him unsuitable to continue to be Rotherham's Member of Parliament".
It is time for the Voters of Rotherham to consider just how to rid us of this continuing embarrassment to us all that MacShane represents!

With talk today of tactical voting being an important facet of this Election, it is important to realise that in Rotherham the Independent vote generally is increasing rapidly as it becomes clear that we are firmly in second place and closing fast on possible victory on Thursday! The gap is getting tantalisingly small and victory is possible with your help!
"I appeal to all of Rotherham's Voters who have not finally made up their minds to join with me and the local government team in making a real positive choice for a genuinely better future for us all".
The one thing that is certain at these elections, voting Liberal Democrat or Conservative will gift MacShane his return to his 'business as usual' seat in Parliament and his ticket to the 'gravy train', renewed. The stakes are so high for us all in Rotherham. Please use your vote, don't sit on your hands when your vote this year could, for the first time since the thirties, produce real 'Change for Good' here in our Town. 
 "Join with me in building a future we will all be proud of, because we will have built it, together!"
My message to those that think a protest vote for one of the two fringe right wing parties contesting the Rotherham Constituency is a good idea. The time has come to make serious choices! Vote for real change to the greed, sleaze and corruption that Labour represents and not those who are definitely racists and bigots. They believe in creating and exploiting division and preach a message of hate designed to tear us apart! I believe in building, not destroying, the fabric of our society!

Vote for Real Change for Rotherham on May 6th 

Vote Thirlwall Independent X

Read my pledge to the people of Rotherham click here

Peter Thirlwall
Independent for Rotherham

Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance - Hustings Meeting Sunday 2nd May


Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance organised a hustings event on Sunday May 2nd May at the Unity Centre, St Leonard's Road.

This event was a huge success, not unrelated to the fact that MacShane cried off at the last minute, for possible reasons click here.

Liberal Democrat, Independent and Tory speakers gave the large audience much to think about after probably one of the best hustings events to take place in Rotherham for many a year. 
Rotherham Independents very much welcome this, as clearly the voters want to hear straight from the politicians, their proposed solutions to our problems. 

Our simple message was well received and with questions of a wide ranging nature Peter Thirlwall was able to effectively get his message of hope, through engagement with everyone who make Rotherham their home. Our problems can be solved, but we must get together to address them if success is to last.

Peter was also able to get our message that the local economy is the root of many of Rotherham's problems, fixing that is the key issue!

We need jobs, good ones, highly skilled and with a future, we have an opportunity to get them if we work together. 

Our local economy must be built on solid foundations and all of Rotherham's talents focussed on this one central issue because a growing local economy will allow solutions to be effective to deal with many other problems such as the sorry state of our Town Centre. Unfortunately this is unlikely to improve until Rotherham's people start spending freely in the Town once again. 
"This is why I pledge to focus on building a vibrant local economy that will support the jobs we need and put enough money into our economy to give us the financial resources to build Rotherham again from the bottom up!"
"I would also like to personally thank the Chairman, Saghir Alam, for his contribution to the success of the meeting and Omari Williams and Taiba Yasseen and all the many people who organised this event and everyone who came to listen. I hope that it will be the start of many such events in the future."

          Peter Thirlwall 
          Independent Parliamentary Candidate 
          Rotherham Constituency
          Email Peter


Thursday, 29 April 2010

If Brown thinks that Gillian Duffy is a bigot? He has insulted most of us!

To insult an ordinary voter such as Gillian Duffy says just how out of touch with the peoples genuine concerns he is.  Immigration is only eclipsed in Rotherham as an issue by the economic disaster! To be concerned is not the same as being bigoted, to say that it is, is just plain wrong! 

Concerns about the pace of recent immigration is an issue where we should listen to the very large number of concerned ordinary Rotherham people just like Gillian Duffy, who are not unreasonably dismayed by the recent turn of events brought about by opening our doors to all new entrants to the EU and giving up our ability to control this in any way. We did not have to do this.

I have heard the views of many from all communities in Rotherham and I have considered all opinions expressed and I am very grateful to you, for all of them, this has influenced my view which can be seen by Clicking Here

Gordon Brown's unguarded utterances tell us more than confirming how out of touch he is, they also confirm that he never takes the blame for anything he always blames others, never himself! 
Quick to take the credit, slow to shoulder responsibility, hardly the behaviour of a Statesman, more like a playground thug you might reasonably conclude. Very much like someone, much closer to home in fact, stand up Denis MacShane

They have also shed an unfavourable light on the gulf of understanding between those in power and the people. If merely to express legitimate concerns labels you a bigot! no small wonder then that the voters have become disaffected! No one is even prepared to listen respectfully to expressions of concern from ordinary voters! This explains to some degree the enormous frustration felt by voters who have been attracted to the siren voices of the far right as a way of expressing alarm at the changes that daily impact negatively upon them.

Rotherham people also know, deep down, that we will never solve our problems in Rotherham by first tearing it apart! The one thing we know for certain at this election, both the BNP and UKIP Candidates are racist bigots and not interested in solutions, just in creating more problems by exploiting division and preaching hate!

Myself and the Rotherham Independents are on the peoples side! We offer a better future for all Rotherham than, more of the same! I think we should face all issues head on, not ducking and diving, pretending that problems do not even exist! No problem in life ever improves by being ignored, so too, is the case with societies problems and all issues troubling them. I refuse to accept that we cannot build a future that is better than it is today. To build that future we need to do it together, I offer that possibility for real change, based on cooperation, not conflict!.

I stand for Openness, Honesty, Integrity and good 'old fashioned', Common-Sense. If you would like to know more, please give me a call, I would love to hear from you.

Peter Thirlwall
Independent Parliamentary Candidate
Rotherham Constituency

Visit Rotherham Independents website, click here.  

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Peter Thirlwall - Views on the Green Belt.

I have been asked for my views on the Green Belt by the Chairman of the Save Our Greenbelt Group Simon Collett. Here are my responses:

1. Do you agree to support the principles of no house building on Rotherham’s Green Belt?  
Thirlwall's Answer: Yes

2.Do you agree to support the complete abolition of the Spatial Strategy and homes within it which if realised will lead to the loss of large swathes of greenbelt land? Thirlwall's Answer: Yes

3.Do you agree to support house building levels based on an independent assessment of Rotherham’s actual housing needs? Thirlwall's Answer: Yes

I have dealt with this issue in detail please click here to view. I would be glad to discuss this or any other matter please phone me or email me here.

My view is straight forward, if Green Belt land is required for housing it should not be built upon while Rotherham has so many 'Brown Field' sites that have not all been included in the Council's proposals. Even if all alternative sites were to be exhausted, Rotherham's people would need to think very carefully before concreting over any more of our open, green spaces. Rotherham's green lungs must be protected and cherished by us all.

Independent Candidate
Rotherham Constituency

Visit Rotherham Independents website, click here.

Monday, 26 April 2010

MacShane the Truth! Time for Change in Rotherham!

For quite a long time now increasing information has been put into the public domain about MP's expenses in ways that have clearly demonstrated greed and in some cases much, much worse. Very little information has been made public because MP's have fought 'tooth and nail' to keep this information from you. No one has worked harder or voted so consistently to deny this information to you, than Rotherham's MP Denis MacShane

Denis MacShane is one of those MP's that have stayed out of the public spotlight by a mixture of running away and hiding until the fuss has died down and a total refusal to answer any of the many questions that can reasonably be asked given the paucity of information. MacShane has voted at every turn to deny you the basic information upon which to judge his performance. This pattern of behaviour, disappearing at crucial moments is evidence that MacShane is a political coward unwilling to live up to the expectations of his constituents, or even face up to his responsibility for his own actions.

MacShane's voters have a right to know how he spent their money. Gordon Brown has said that Labour MPs should be open and honest about their use of public money and have no second jobs of any kind. MacShane should now tell us what he did with our money? How many employers has he? Springs to mind to start with.

The record shows him to be a greedy MP, determined to get every penny he could out of the taxpayer and used his position to sell himself for hire to those willing to pay him for his diatribes. He has so many second jobs it is impossible to be sure how many different employers he has at any given time. This is a disgrace! He should work for us alone! Peter Thirlwall will only have one employer, You!

His record when it comes to our Town is lamentable, His home is not in Rotherham and he has employed a novel interpretation of the rules to get his Rotherham property paid for by you, in addition to his London base. His presence in Rotherham is news in it self and clearly shows a disinterested and disengaged MP just going through the motions. None of his own children have so much as seen the inside of a Rotherham school never mind receiving an education here. Are our schools not good enough for his children? Is Rotherham not a suitable place to make his home here? If our Town is not good enough for him and his family it is definitely time for him to go!

He has utter contempt for his constituents and a quick internet search reveals a picture of a pretty odious person indeed, totally motivated by self aggrandisement and little else, He is clearly using his position to make money for himself and it must stop!

Rotherham is ready for a new Member of Parliament, one who knows the Town and it's people, because he is one of them. Someone with a sense of decency and openness, very refreshing in a politician. Someone who has set dogma aside and rejects prejudice of any kind. Someone committed to listening and working with people to effect change that actually improves matters for them where they live, work and play.

That someone is Peter Thirlwall, the Independent Candidate for Rotherham Constituency who offers all of this and much more besides.

Voting Thirlwall at the elections on May 6th is the best way to get the representation that Rotherham citizens can only dream of and most important of all, to vote for a better future for Rotherham and all it's people!

Visit Rotherham Independents website, click here.

Campaigning moves up a gear.


Peter and Catherine Thompson, campaigning together on Saturday.

The election in Rotherham this year has become truly local affair with the gulf between expectation and delivery very polarised.

The reception for our campaign has been wonderful, there is real anger at being foisted with the same tired old bent politics with MacShane as Labour's candidate once again.

Rotherham voters are demanding a fresh start at this election, not just a continuation of the greed, sleaze and corruption we have seen in Parliament. MacShane is well and truly caught up in some of these scandals but by telling us nothing, he thinks he can escape close scrutiny and win this election with the votes of the ill informed.

Our evidence for voting intention clearly shows that Labour and MacShane are going backwards, support for the Tories is draining away quickly and the Liberal Democrat campaign has not taken off in Rotherham. The other extremist candidates are also seeing their support decline as voters become aware that there is a better way to show their anger than voting for groups who want to tear Rotherham apart exploiting division and conflict in the process. We utterly condemn this negative approach and offer ourselves as a viable and achievable alternative to more of the same!

Peter Thirlwall is attracting support from people from all walks of life as decision day approaches, we are sure that Labour has got it wrong. Recently when they claimed the the election in Rotherham was over and that MacShane had got it in the bag we knew this was wrong. The voters are telling us that Labour is wrong, they want a new MP committed to work on their behalf and no one else!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Pledge to the people of Rotherham.

I will, if elected:
  • Be totally free of any Party interference in the way I represent you.
  • Open an office in the Town centre, which will have easy access to everyone.
  • Find new ways to consult with you.
  • Represent my constituents without fear or favour.
  • Decide on all issues on the basis of factual evidence rather than Party prejudice.
  • Openly account for my use of public money.
  • Maintain a Website to provide a quick and convenient way for information and communication. 
    Peter Thirlwall
    Independent Parliamentary Candidate
    Rotherham Constituency

    Friday, 23 April 2010

    Rotherham Town Centre - Peter's Views

    Civic pride in a town starts with a Town Centre that is safe, clean and vibrant. The economic success of a good Town Centre automatically follows.

    Above all, when people visit the Town Centre they must feel safe. This should be achieved by ensuring that there is a police presence in the Town Centre all of the time. This should also be linked with an embargo of dinking in the street and possible powers to disperse gangs and prevent loitering. These powers must of course be used sensibly.

    Rotherham Town Centre is presently too large to be sustainable. We should therefore try to reduce its geographical size by encouraging the Government to reduce by half the non domestic rates of all shops within a given radius of the Town Centre. This would have the added benefit of encouraging more businesses to set up within the centre of town because of the economic benefits.

    If possible, the new Stadium should provide a substantial amount of free parking within the complex. This would need to be achieved through negotiation and supported by grants. By ensuring that there is an abundance of parking around town would allow The Council to then provide free parking throughout the town without having to worry about all the spaces being taken up with those who work in the Town Centre.

    The above must also be supplemented with a sensible transport policy to encourage people to leave their cars at home. This will be necessary if car ownership continues to rise.

    The Town Centre Renaissance would be helped if the Government would support, through the grants system, the borrowing of money to finance the renaissance without the need resort to what is known as prudential borrowing which only adds to the burden on Local Authorities. 

    Extra cleaning, care and maintenance of the street scene should take place.

    Some research needs to be carried out to determine if a more vibrant Town Centre could be achieved by encouraging specialist retailesr into town who would not be faced with the competition from Meadowhall.

    For many years now the Town Centre has only survived because of the Market. However the market has been slowly deteriorating with the inevitable consequences.  Investment in the market complex is needed together with rents that will keep the market stalls fully used.

    Work needs to be done to determine if it is possible to relocate the Rail Station to the Stadium complex.

    Not all of the above may be achievable and could not happen over night but Rotherham has to start somewhere.

    Peter Thirlwall
    Independent Candidate Rotherham Constituency

    Thursday, 22 April 2010

    Peter Thirlwall, Independent for Rotherham. What motivates my campaign!

    I believe in a proper 'old fashioned' Public Service ethos. Honesty and plain speaking is what motivates me deep down and is driving my current attempt to remove one of the greediest, manipulative, unpleasant, distant, arrogant and selfish Labour part time MPs that still exist in anything like a 'safe' seat at this General Election. In the case in point this is The Rt Hon Dr Denis MacShane, almost universally loathed by those who know him and has few friends in Rotherham.

    Almost the entire population of our Town has been disgusted by the scandals and the spotlight they have brought to public greed by those who are supposed to be our servants not the other way round. By the time the greed, sleaze and corruption was exposed amongst Members of Parliament, the cancer had already spread far and wide, infecting public life insidiously over the last 13 years, after first infecting the Town Halls of our country and going on to Parliament, this has resulted in the most corrupt, greedy and self serving Parliament in history and Town Halls that have lost their way.

    MacShane represents unfinished business. His record, such as it is, clearly shows, at best a greedy man, that sells himself to many masters for personal profit as he can while jetting off across the Atlantic to sell a book he had practically got Parliament to write for him on behalf of a Committee of Parliament in their report into the subject.

    The Labour Party have confidence in MacShane, they are clearly wrong, they want to foist him upon us once again!
    "If the Labour Party will not remove him, as they should, then the electorate have an opportunity to do it themselves!"

    Peter Thirlwall
    Independent Candidate, Rotherham

    Peter Thirlwall’s - Views on Immigration

    The Problem
    • The overall lack of control of the situation combined with the view that the Labour Government assumed that they would all vote Labour in elections and connived at bring in 700,000 economic migrants, in just 2 years, no wonder things are not going smoothly!
    • Most would agree that our borders should be properly controlled and be able to 'count people in and count them out' when they leave. We should be in control of who is here, the fact that we can’t, worries most people, quite rightly.
    • The rights granted to EU citizens by our Government. Only 2 countries other than ourselves granted these rights to the 2004 entrants to the EU.
    • Asylum Seekers who ultimately are refused 'leave to remain'.(often referred to as bogus in the press)
    • Illegal Immigration, in fact ordinary citizens will never in fact know they exist.
    • The issue of amnesty for the current illegal entrants already here.
    • The effects that the burden is perceived as being unacceptably high in both financial terms and the burden on community resources such as Schools, Housing, Social Services and Health.
    • There is a perception that those who are recently arrived enjoy benefits denied to the host community. This perception is very divisive, it is strongly felt and far more complex than often portrayed by some disreputable political parties. 

    Peter’s View:

    • The Government has a duty to control our borders. I will insist that this happens.
    • The Government should not have granted a general right of admission for EU citizens. I will argue against this.
    • We do need skills from abroad and many of our citizens work abroad in other countries, their rights too must be considered. I will support a proper, points based, system to replace the current, chaotic approach, to economic migration.
    • No one would wish to deny entry to those fleeing tyranny and persecution but it seems to any reasonable person to be open to abuse. I want the issue to be re-examined from basic principles, to give us a system that is understood and respected by all. I will argue for and cooperate with those of goodwill to sort out this mess.
    • The burdens placed on our local communities are unacceptably high and residents have legitimate concerns which they want addressed. I will argue that proper funding must be available to host communities to offset the unfair cost burden.
    • Those here illegally are queue jumpers by another name, I do not approve of an amnesty, as that would end up rewarding them for this and be grossly unfair for all concerned. I am not in favour of an amnesty for those already here illegally.
    • I believe illegal immigrants are by their very nature unwelcome to the host country and ultimately futile for the perpetrators as they are often subject to the very kind of abuse and semi-slavery they were trying to escape from.
    I am convinced that it is time that the people got involved on this as so many issues when people of 'good will' do not speak out the racist bigots get the field to themselves and any open and honest approach is likely to be ignored in the general confrontation.

    Peter Thirlwall
    Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Rotherham

    Tuesday, 20 April 2010

    Independent Network Campaign Launch

    The Independent Network are having a campaign launch event in London tomorrow morning, Peter Thirlwall will be there being publicly introduced to the media as an Endorsed Candidate.

    We are very proud of this because the vetting procedure was very thorough and therefore it gives Peter the stamp of approval as a suitable person that can both be worthy of trust and if elected could do an excellent job as a Member of Parliament on behalf of the voters of Rotherham Constituency.

    We always had full confidence in Peter as our standard bearer to oppose MacShane, the sitting MP for Rotherham. Now everyone may share that confidence too.

    Peter Thirlwall's Campaign Team

    Friday, 16 April 2010

    Breaking News - Independent Network Endorsement

    We are proud to announce that Peter Thirlwall's candidature has been endorsed by the Independent Network. This clearly demonstrates Peter's commitment to the Independents cause and their commitment to him as a torch bearer for openness, truth and integrity in public life.


    Aims of the Independent Network
    • create a sense of cohesion and identity for Independent candidates using the IN brand 
    • establish national credibility for independent candidates - enabling the electorate to vote independent with greater confidence that an Independent vote is a vote for a more representative government.
    • provide support to independent candidates. Many independents do not have access to the same scale of resources of a national political party.
    • provide a forum of discussion, experience and advice for independent candidates. Candidates can use the network to share knowledge and work cooperatively in the best interests of the electorate.
    • provide guidance and resources for independent candidates that will enable them to be elected at local, regional, national and European elections.
    • promote a fairer system in which independents can compete with political parties.
    • promote independent politics and encourage the electorate to acknowledge the success and influence independents are having in local government and Parliament.
    If you would like to know more, Peter would love to hear from you, the contact information on the left side will help.
    If you want to help, or join us or have a general question about the Rotherham Independents please Email us at independentsteam@googlemail.com.

    Peter's Parliamentary Campaign Team
    Rotherham Independents

    Thursday, 15 April 2010

    New endorsement - Steve Bentham-Bates

    "Peter Thirlwall was my Borough Councillor from whom I requested support to challenge a building project that was planned to be built adjacent to my property.

    I approached Peter to help argue the case against excessive density and height of the plans, and with his intervention the group of residents I led successfully had the plans amended to reduce the total number of new buildings by a significant margin, and the four storey development plans ditched, to be more in keeping and scale of the residential appearance of the village.

    His knowledge of the procedures and personalities of all hues in local government were instrumental in enabling the residents group to meet most of its objectives.

    He is a first class councillor arguing against intransigent local politics who should, if there is any justice in the world, become an even better Member of Parliament for the local area fighting the corner of those he seeks to represent." 

    Steve Bentham-Bates BA Hons FIRP Dip RP

    Tuesday, 13 April 2010

    Christine Ayres, Seconds Peter Thirlwall's Nomination

    I have known Peter Thirlwall for over 25 years as a loyal friend, to both me and my husband. I’m delighted to second his nomination for MP as I know he has all the important qualities you would hope for in an MP.  
    Above all else Peter is trustworthy, a family man and homemaker who is amazingly hardworking and skilful in many practical ways as well as intellectually. A brilliant electrician, engineer, builder, and father, as well as a keen thinker with a sharp brain, Peter has massive reserves of energy and determination which he uses in great part for the benefit of other people wherever it’s needed.
    Over the years Peter has impressed me with his compassion and understanding, and I know of many unpublicised acts of generosity and kindness to people in need. He lives by his own principles of openness, accessibility, fairness and straight talking and is a trustworthy, dependable friend. 
    Peter has a reputation as a tough campaigner who takes a no nonsense approach to his work as a community representative. 
    He is a leader rather than a follower, and strongly believes Rotherham needs a new voice to speak up for the town in the House of Commons. He believes we have been let down by the current Labour MP and he knows he can do better.
    If Rotherham’s next MP is to be OUR champion rather than Westminster’s, then Peter Thirlwall is the man to vote for. 
    Peter Thirlwall is a truly local candidate, a man of the people. 

    THE man for Rotherham. 

    Christine Ayres

    Monday, 12 April 2010

    General Election Proper Starts Tomorrow, Independents nearly ready!

    Nomination for the General Election open tomorrow.
    We are working hard to ensure, that despite the fact that the Labour Party will vastly outspend us in campaigning we will still get our clear and simple message across.
    How many times have we heard the expression, enough is enough! coming from countless voters in despair. We have answered that call of frustration and disgust!
    The greed, sleaze and corruption that seems to affect what goes for Public Life from top to bottom, must be swept out by people of principle committed to the finest traditions of Public Service, honesty and probity.

    Peter Thirlwall and the 2010 Rotherham Independents local government candidates.

    Sunday, 11 April 2010

    MacShane or is that MacShame, makes friends with Guido Fawkes Again!

    Guido Fawkes likes MacShane, not a lot. See this story published today.
    MacShane's abilities to make friends and influence people appears to know no bounds!

    Thursday, 8 April 2010

    Mick Sylvester on Peter Thirlwall

    Michael Sylvester standing as an
    Independent in Wingfield Ward.
    "I completely support Peter Thirlwall's standing as an Independent for Rotherham in the 2010 General Election.

    I first had the pleasure of working with Peter in his attempt to secure the Labour Party nomination for the Rotherham by-election of 1994 when despite the overwhelming support of local Labour Party members, he was left off the candidates shortlist leaving Party 'yes' man Denis MacShane to become our MP.

    I admire that despite being on the approved Labour parliamentary candidates list, Peter only ever sought to stand in the town and to my mind, this sets him apart from the 'run of the mill' career politicians we see too much of.

    In the past few years, Peter could have chosen to keep quiet, be a good boy for the Labour Party and have a good income with special responsibility allowances and junkets.  Instead he chose to make a stand against the culture that infects local and national politics of nest feathering and milking the tax payer.

    The Tories and Liberal Democrats are an irrelevance in Rotherham and Peter has been working day in, day out against what I view as a corrupt Labour MP and Council.  Our choice in Rotherham is between a Labour MP who needs a map to find his constituency, which is only of use to help support his various income streams, and a brave champion who has said "enough" to the idea that politics is just about crossing your own palm with silver.

    At 7am on May 6th in the St Johns Green polling station, I will be nothing but proud to put my cross against Peter Thirlwall's name."

    Mick Sylvester 
    Wingfield Ward 

    Wednesday, 7 April 2010

    Message from Martin Bell OBE

    Martin Bell's Message on what it means to be an Independent.

    Peter Thirlwall
    Independent for Rotherham

    Tuesday, 6 April 2010

    Irene Furnell Proposes Peter for Rotherham

    The election as we all know has been called today  I have been delighted to  have been asked to propose Peter Thirlwall  and delighted also that he has shown the courage to stand.

    Why courage ?

    Peter has been around the political scene in Rotherham a long time and is fully aware what an enormous task he is embarking on and in spite of this he is taking up the challenge . Taking it up seriously too I know he will give the campaign 100% just as he would give we the people of Rotherham 100% should he be elected. As the support for him grows ,as I believe it will, so will the wrath and spite machines of the main parties . Peter knows this and is not intimidated by it - good on you Peter.

    I have know Peter for  more than thirty years and it is this courage along with his energy and capacity for hard work , his tenacity,  his single mindedness in the best interest  of Rotherham and its people -  to name just a few of his qualities that this town needs. Qualities which are relevant and in my view sadly lacking in the way we are being represented at parliamentary level at the moment.

    Peter also has the full support of his wife Jean and family which is essential to this demanding job.

    As an Independent candidate his loyalty is to the people he represents - the people who vote for him are his only masters. As a local lad  he is one of us  and just like most other right thinking people thinks Rotherham deserves better.

    Should Peter win Rotherham would be in safe hands and you know even if he doesnt win he will  have done us all a real favour. For too many years Labour has taken our trust in them for granted and have gone unchallenged with wallies who see Rotherham as a safe bet and a job for life for themselves fighting for this seat .

    Peter is giving us the chance to tell them - We have had enough! So if they manage to hold on who knows they might even start to be accountable.

    I shall be doing all I can to help Peter in his campaign and urge you all to do the same.


    Irene Furnell

    Breaking News - Brown to see Queen in the morning!

    The waiting is over, finally the worst kept secret in history has become public.  The General Election will be on May 6th, the same day as the Local Government Elections.

    For the first time since 1931 when the Tory, George Herbert, beat the Labour Candidate only to lose it again in 1933, the Parliamentary Constituency of Rotherham has a realistic chance of being lost by Labour.

    The many scandals that have become public have exposed greed and corruption at all levels and in all parts of the House.  Labour, Tory and Lib Dem Members of Parliament were all involved up to their necks, in some cases now before the courts.

    Few have come through this process with dignity intact.  To have realised that a majority of MPs were involved was shattering in terms of public confidence.  Despite the largest number of MPs in history standing down at the end of a Parliament, the problem is not yet over, there is still unfinished business.

    There are Members of Parliament who served throughout this disgraceful period who are not standing down next week, simply because they have, so far, been able to hide behind the still impenetrable wall of secrecy, that surrounds the Houses of Parliament to this day. 

    Denis MacShane, my Labour opponent, is in the top league when it comes to greed.  He has regularly claimed to within pence of the maximum allowable but totally refuses to account for the hundreds of thousands of pounds of your money he has spent since 1994. 

    He has always been reluctant to account for the extra jobs he takes on the side, the pattern of declarations shows a degree of manipulation of the ever changing rules, to avoid giving any more information than absolutely necessary.

    Close analysis of recently available information shows clearly this tendency and raises the most serious of questions, even more serious questions than I have previously published here on this site.  I have written to MacShane asking him to clarify his position, but alas, no reply, not even an acknowledgment.  I will share this with you later, either when I have a response or I am sure I will not be getting one.
    It is not just me he will not answer, he won't tell you his constituents either - try asking him yourself!  Please email me with any response as I would be most interested.  

    MacShane is not interested in us he just wants to be the MP for Rotherham and the Ex-Minister for Europe, both titles having been worth thousands over the years when peddling his journalism. Oh, and he wants you to put him back on the gravy train so he can rip us off for another four or five years.

    The greed and corruption must be purged from Parliament.  If the Labour Party will not rid us of MacShane, then we must do it for ourselves

    I offer myself as an antidote to all the sleaze, greed and corruption that has infected public life at all levels.  Public service should be just that, not a way of getting rich.  Nor is it there to make anyone important.  I firmly believe that MPs are there to serve their electorates without the stench of corruption that now swirls around public life generally.

    Rotherham MP Denis MacShane has brought disgrace on the whole Town.  I stand with Rotherham in rejecting the recent scandals and believe that I can restore Rotherham's tarnished image by bringing some basic honesty, Yorkshire thrift when it comes to your money and some good old fashioned decency and commonsense when it comes to working on your behalf.

    Together, Let's Change Rotherham for Good.

    Peter Thirlwall
    Independent Candidate 

    Thursday, 1 April 2010

    April 1st No joke for Motorists and everyone else too!

    Today sees the introduction of the first in three stages of Fuel Duty and the 'hidden' rise that VAT adds to the pump price!

    All of us will suffer, it will increase our food bills, because everything we eat and use involves transport which will bear the brunt of the increases in costs and lead to eventual price rises as these extra costs pass down to consumers.
    We have already seen record prices at the pumps today and these will rise again with the next two planned increases later this year.

    Peter says:

    "The bulk of motoring costs should be on use, not ownership. Put simply, the more you drive the more you should pay. Road Tolls and private Motorways would be an unnecessary part of the future of Major Road building projects. We need to see an end to all tolls, not continue down a route to giving us more of them!

    The proportion of annual costs of vehicle excise duty to running costs must be reduced. Only by this means can some degree of fairness be introduced into the system!

    Rises in Fuel Duty will only be accepted when this balance is properly addressed by Government. This is, I believe,  the only fair way for the future!"


    Tuesday, 30 March 2010

    Back to the Future for Tory Economic Policy?

    Now that the dust has settled on last weeks Budget and we have had a chance to consider the response of the Tory Opposition and take a peek at their approach to the future running of economic policy, it is quite apparent that most of the lessons of the last fifteen years have completely passed them by!

    My Tory opponent needs to explain why, after all, the Tory proposals are pretty much now as put forward by the Tories at every election since1997? 

    Firstly it was William Hague, then Michael Howard now it is Cameron and George Osborne trying to convince us that this time the outcome will be different, if they simply wrap it up in a nice sugary and soft covering to conceal that at it's heart their approach has not really changed since Margaret Thatcher destroyed our industries, with the same economic approach they are still advocating, as the answer to the country's problems in the 21st century.

    It is surprising, that although we see a clapped out and corrupt Labour Government, at the fag end of this Parliament they are still within touching distance of hanging on in Government. 
    The Tories are desperate to show that they have changed, in doing so, they just prove they are still the same 'Old' Tories at heart, and they haven't changed one bit! 

    A bunch of various toffs with privileged backgrounds telling ordinary folk that they now embrace them, and their aspirations, is a frankly ridiculous spectacle! 
    Every time one looks closely at The Tories, the echos of the past a still being heard like a drum beat, The Tories haven't changed! Just the sugar coating!

    Monday, 29 March 2010

    Government rocked by chaos in drugs policy. Again!

    Just when we thought that the public could rely on this Labour Goverment to get a proper grip on the future of drugs policy, the shock resignation today of another Senior Government Adviser on drugs, Dr Polly Taylor, blows it all apart again. She is the sixth to do so, citing 'knee jerk' politicians and their continued failure even to properly consider the experts advice when making decisions. They stand accused for the 6th time now of being motivated and driven by political expediency and prejudice rather than considered advice. Two might appear careless? but six?
    Labours Drugs policy is in chaos and lies in tatters! The Tories will be no better!
    These failures are affecting us all! We all know that, along with all northern towns, Rotherham has more than it's fair share of damage caused by all drugs including alcohol and tobacco! I believe that, the chemicals that the 'young and even the not so young' routinely use for pleasure purposes, at least at the beginning, are doing insidious damage to the fabric of our future society, when the next generation accept drug taking to be the norm, what then?
    By instinct I could not be more Anti-Drugs in general but even I can see that simple policy making by diktat, especially when it overides the considered advice of a panel of experts he himself had chosen, is unwise, without giving a great deal of attention to all the details. Prejudice is often wrong. Evidence can be tested.
    I am sure that the people of Rotherham would prefer me, at least, to consider advice and evidence before rejecting it!
    The people most affected by this paralysis of policy are the innumerable families affected by a family members' drug or alcohol abuse. It destroys whole families slowly from within and when they are desperate and ready to break their addictions and turn to help, it simply isn't there.

    We need a drugs policy that works! Not the mess and confused policy we have now. I am equally sure that this will continue under a Tory Administration which would have more problems with it than Labour, because of the previous known antics of the social circles they prefer us not to realise they still inhabit.

    I will argue for a 'joined up' drugs policy that as well as punishes effectively, the criminality also provides the help needed to answer that call for it , when it comes. Whole families are affected and rehabilitation policy must reflect this in the range of support on offer.

    Peter Thirlwall
    Rotherham's own Independent Parliamentary Candidate.

    Thursday, 25 March 2010

    Labour's Last Budget? A wasted opportunity! Peter's response.

    I don't know what Alistair Darling expected the country to think of his latest and last Budget called 'Securing the recovery'.

    'Fiddling while Rome burns', would be far more apt. There is very little to be positive about as this budget has the unfortunate effect of ensuring that there will be a second budget this year whoever is running the country after the election.

    This budget conceals more than illuminates. Basic tax allowances are not going up this year, inflation will increase the effect of this and make the lowest paid bear the brunt of these hidden tax increases. Already suffering badly, more pain is to be heaped on them in the form of taxes on the 'naughty' things like alcohol and tobacco. Because of the increases in duty on fuel, food and basics will get more expensive and impact disproportionately on the less well off.

    National Insurance, an income tax on working people by another name, is also unchanged. This is a disgraceful missed opportunity to apply the tax system with a degree of social justice for all, not just for the better off!

    We are all aware that the economic climate now is poorly placed to provide the support and assistance that Rotherham will need if is to prosper in the future.

    There are some encouraging signs, at least at the high-tech end of engineering. The town may be able to look forward to the benefits that these developments will bring to the local economy. 

    Only if the economy avoids a 'double dip' recession will this go ahead as planned. 
    We need good jobs, highly skilled with a long term future. 
    Rotherham will need advocates at all levels.
    I am prepared to be your voice where it matters!

    Peter Thirlwall
    Rotherham's own Independent.


    Wednesday, 24 March 2010

    Question Time for MacShane?

    MacShane has finally surfaced again, as predicted, a few weeks before the General Election!
    He set up his own version of Question Time, organised by the supposedly non political South Yorkshire Women's Development Trust.
    Chaired by MacShane himself with a hand picked panel, he even included his latest girl friend for good measure. None of them having any relevance to the voters of Rotherham.
    Denis hand picked the questions to give himself an easy ride, preaching to the converted! From this point of view a 'Church’ hosting such a politically partisan event seems to me to be crassly inappropriate at best and an outrage at worst!
    Not one direct question on his scandalous expenses! None either on the lamentable record of the Labour Government! Or anything about the disgraceful scandals that have engulfed him and the information he simply refuses to give us! John Healey can manage it, so why can’t MacShane!
    MacShane thinks he can go into this election without explaining any of his expenses to his voters! He is treating his voters with total contempt!
    Anna Chester, one of MacShanes party organisers, said "there is clearly an appetite to have those meetings more often". I can assure her there is.
    Perhaps Anna, who as well as being a labour organiser and also a volunteer with the non political SYWD, would organise a Question Time chaired by a neutral.
    Invite a panel that included Peter Thirlwall and MacShane.
    It would give you an audience that would be so large that there is no venue in Rotherham that could fit everyone in! The tickets would be very much sought after!
    The Women of Rotherham require answers too!
    They deserve answers from both the incumbent and his principal challenger, Peter Thirlwall. Answers to the questions they actually want to ask!
    Peter Thirlwall, the Independent Candidate, is an incredible politician and if the roles were reversed and MacShane was the Independent candidate at the next election, MacShane would lose his deposit!
    Thirlwall's popularity is increasing by the day. With your help, he will defy all the odds, and win the Rotherham seat!
    If you would like to help Peter or would like to speak to him directly, don't delay he is the most approachable person you are likely to meet and would love to hear from you.

    George Valentine
    Council Waste Watcher

    Tuesday, 23 March 2010

    Labours Dirty Dozen! There are many more!

    Guido Fawkes Blog order-order.com published this story today 'Labours Dirty Dozen'.

    I do not personally endorse this web site, but often important stories on Parliamentary Sleaze first see the light of day on this site, I think all Rotherham's Voters should look at this site from time to time.

    Friday, 19 March 2010

    Bell Principles - No Gimmick - Peter Writes!

    The real problem in Rotherham is the continual Political Party Games the Labour and Tories get up to here, in the Town Hall and in Parliament!

    We, the Rotherham Independents, believe in more direct accountability to you the voter, a level of openness in the way we make our decisions on what to support on your behalf and a completely fresh approach summed up in the Bell Principles.
    Our opponents, in a shameful piece of political opportunism, dismiss our approach, but it is gaining support throughout Rotherham, which is what has them rattled!

    "It is time for good old fashioned commonsense to prevail."
    "Rotherham Independents offer a better future for Rotherham than the tired old politics of the 19th and 20th centuries."

    The Bell Principles build upon Lord Nolan's Principles of 1995.
    We will

    • abide wholeheartedly by the spirit and letter of the Seven Principles of Public Life set out by Lord Nolan in 1995: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership
    • be guided by considered evidence, our real world experience and expertise, our constituencies and our consciences
    • be free of control of any political party, pressure group or whip
    • be non-discriminatory, ethical and committed to pluralism
    • make decisions transparently and openly at every stage and level of the political process, enabling people to see how decisions are made and the evidence on which they are based
    • listen, consulting our communities constantly and innovatively treat political opponents with courtesy and respect, challenging them when we believe they are wrong, and agreeing with them when we believe they are right
    • resist abuses of power and patronage and promote democracy at every level
    • work with other elected independents as a group with a chosen spokesperson
    • claim expenses, salaries and compensation openly so the public can judge the value for money of our activities

    Support us! Let's together, make Rotherham a Town we can all be proud of!

    Peter Thirlwall 
    Independent Candidate
    Rotherham Constituency

    See also My Pledge To Rotherham posted 1st February 2010