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Peter Thirlwall

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Look! Who was missing! Yes it was MacShane, of course!


The strange case of the disappearing politician!  MacShane and his Agent, Anna Chester, were involved in the early planning of Sundays event. At the time, invitations had only been issued to Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrats. He had apparently indicated his attendance on numerous previous occasions. It was surprising then, that suddenly he was unable to appear due to prior commitments, perhaps It was only when he heard that Peter Thirlwall had, unexpectedly been invited to attend, that any doubt existed about MacShanes attendance. He issued a statement of explanation which was somewhat undermined by sightings of him the same day.

It has also been reported that he tried to get another local MP, to substitute for him and take the heat for him, he very wisely declined!  What nerve!  Not only would he not share a platform with Peter, he tried to hide behind a more honourable national politician with certainly more 'bottle' than MacShane displayed on Sunday, no small wonder then, that cooperation was unforthcoming. 

The utter contempt he has for his electorate, already legendary, is clearly shown here. He has  already brought shame on Rotherham by his behaviour and his unwillingness to account for his spending of your money. Now he is just plain embarrassing to us all!  
" I accuse MacShane of political cowardice of a seriousness which makes him unsuitable to continue to be Rotherham's Member of Parliament".
It is time for the Voters of Rotherham to consider just how to rid us of this continuing embarrassment to us all that MacShane represents!

With talk today of tactical voting being an important facet of this Election, it is important to realise that in Rotherham the Independent vote generally is increasing rapidly as it becomes clear that we are firmly in second place and closing fast on possible victory on Thursday! The gap is getting tantalisingly small and victory is possible with your help!
"I appeal to all of Rotherham's Voters who have not finally made up their minds to join with me and the local government team in making a real positive choice for a genuinely better future for us all".
The one thing that is certain at these elections, voting Liberal Democrat or Conservative will gift MacShane his return to his 'business as usual' seat in Parliament and his ticket to the 'gravy train', renewed. The stakes are so high for us all in Rotherham. Please use your vote, don't sit on your hands when your vote this year could, for the first time since the thirties, produce real 'Change for Good' here in our Town. 
 "Join with me in building a future we will all be proud of, because we will have built it, together!"
My message to those that think a protest vote for one of the two fringe right wing parties contesting the Rotherham Constituency is a good idea. The time has come to make serious choices! Vote for real change to the greed, sleaze and corruption that Labour represents and not those who are definitely racists and bigots. They believe in creating and exploiting division and preach a message of hate designed to tear us apart! I believe in building, not destroying, the fabric of our society!

Vote for Real Change for Rotherham on May 6th 

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Peter Thirlwall
Independent for Rotherham