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Peter Thirlwall

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance - Hustings Meeting Sunday 2nd May


Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance organised a hustings event on Sunday May 2nd May at the Unity Centre, St Leonard's Road.

This event was a huge success, not unrelated to the fact that MacShane cried off at the last minute, for possible reasons click here.

Liberal Democrat, Independent and Tory speakers gave the large audience much to think about after probably one of the best hustings events to take place in Rotherham for many a year. 
Rotherham Independents very much welcome this, as clearly the voters want to hear straight from the politicians, their proposed solutions to our problems. 

Our simple message was well received and with questions of a wide ranging nature Peter Thirlwall was able to effectively get his message of hope, through engagement with everyone who make Rotherham their home. Our problems can be solved, but we must get together to address them if success is to last.

Peter was also able to get our message that the local economy is the root of many of Rotherham's problems, fixing that is the key issue!

We need jobs, good ones, highly skilled and with a future, we have an opportunity to get them if we work together. 

Our local economy must be built on solid foundations and all of Rotherham's talents focussed on this one central issue because a growing local economy will allow solutions to be effective to deal with many other problems such as the sorry state of our Town Centre. Unfortunately this is unlikely to improve until Rotherham's people start spending freely in the Town once again. 
"This is why I pledge to focus on building a vibrant local economy that will support the jobs we need and put enough money into our economy to give us the financial resources to build Rotherham again from the bottom up!"
"I would also like to personally thank the Chairman, Saghir Alam, for his contribution to the success of the meeting and Omari Williams and Taiba Yasseen and all the many people who organised this event and everyone who came to listen. I hope that it will be the start of many such events in the future."

          Peter Thirlwall 
          Independent Parliamentary Candidate 
          Rotherham Constituency
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