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Peter Thirlwall

Thursday, 4 February 2010

MacShane has many questions to answer?

Sir Thomas Legg's Report, published by the members estimates committee says the following about Rotherham's MP.

'Rt Hon Denis MacShane MP
Dr MacShane was paid cleaning costs totalling £7,354.34 (£3,000.00 in 2004-05;
£2,341.34 in 2005-06; and £2,013.00 in 2007-08). This exceeded £2,000 a year by
In September and October 2008, he was paid £153.39 for gas without providing
sufficient evidence to show that this was a cost incurred at his second home, since
the only address on the bill related to his main home.
He should also provide mortgage interest statements to support payments totalling
£6,001.34 for the period April 2004 to January 2006. I recommend that he should
be allowed until 1 March 2010 to do this. If he does not do so, then in the absence
of any special or exceptional reasons to the contrary, he should repay the whole
amount of the allowance involved.'
It must be emphasised that this information only applies to his use of the Additional Costs Allowance.

Peter Thirwall said today, "Denis MacShane has a lot of explaining to do", and " I am sure that everyone in Rotherham will be horrified at this and I feel he should stand down now, as labours candidate, before the election, it is that serious in my view"