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Monday, 22 February 2010

Tory Candidate for Rotherham Constituency Announced At Last!

It has just been announced, that the Rotherham Constituency Tory Candidate, is to be businesswoman, Jacqueline Whiteley.

A former 'Yorkshire Woman of the Year' and winner of other awards in business, including a Business Link Competition for 'bucking the trend' in the recession.

She is reported to be a member of the Leeds Chamber of Commerce.  She has also been a Woman's Ambassador for Enterprise for campaign group Forward Ladies.

She is said to be an ambitious candidate, presumably here to add to her political CV for next time and a safe seat. The Conservative vote in the Rotherham Constituency will probably have the rather dubious distinction, of being the only constituency in the country, where the Conservative vote actually goes down!

All the evidence we have, clearly shows that this trend is already under way here in Rotherham. That is even before Jacqueline Whiteley was selected. It is being said that it will probably not be as much benefit to her future career prospects as she is hoping.