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Peter Thirlwall

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Peter's Perspective - On MacShane

Like many Rotherham people I find the revelations in this weeks Advertiser, about my opponent to be, and his disappearance at a time when his disgraceful behaviour is made public, are the actions of someone not worthy to represent Rotherham and its people.

I know that my outrage and anger and the feelings of shame over this expenses affair are shared by many, both in his constituency and throughout the whole of Rotherham.

Unless the Labour Party suddenly comes to its senses, prevails upon MacShane to step aside as their candidate and chooses an honest replacement more interested in their constituents, the problem will be put in the hands of the Rotherham constituency’s voters at the General Election.

I am proposing to stand in Rotherham as a serious alternative to candidates locked in the confines of tribal politics that all the mainstream national parties, of whatever hue, practise here in Rotherham and throughout the country. This has resulted in the people in the Towns and Cities of the North feeling abandoned, little understood, and taken for fools by being taken for granted.

The people of Rotherham deserve better than this! Now is the chance for change!

The power is in all our hands come the elections. Remember we live in a democracy, where every vote counts and the decision you make is yours alone.
Each and every voter has to make their mind up whether to vote the way they always have or to vote for a candidate committed to the highest standards of conduct and openness.

I invite you all to take the time to find out more about me and the fresh start my candidacy represents, before making your choice in the General Election to come.

I am also the most easily contactable of the prospective candidates and invite you to do so. See left side panel for ways to contact me. I would love to hear what you have to say.

If you would like to know more or help in our campaign, you would be most welcome. We are a friendly bunch, totally committed to our task of offering real and effective change both in Parliament and here in Rotherham.

Peter Thirlwall
Rotherham’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
Rotherham Independents Campaign