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Peter Thirlwall

Monday, 29 March 2010

Government rocked by chaos in drugs policy. Again!

Just when we thought that the public could rely on this Labour Goverment to get a proper grip on the future of drugs policy, the shock resignation today of another Senior Government Adviser on drugs, Dr Polly Taylor, blows it all apart again. She is the sixth to do so, citing 'knee jerk' politicians and their continued failure even to properly consider the experts advice when making decisions. They stand accused for the 6th time now of being motivated and driven by political expediency and prejudice rather than considered advice. Two might appear careless? but six?
Labours Drugs policy is in chaos and lies in tatters! The Tories will be no better!
These failures are affecting us all! We all know that, along with all northern towns, Rotherham has more than it's fair share of damage caused by all drugs including alcohol and tobacco! I believe that, the chemicals that the 'young and even the not so young' routinely use for pleasure purposes, at least at the beginning, are doing insidious damage to the fabric of our future society, when the next generation accept drug taking to be the norm, what then?
By instinct I could not be more Anti-Drugs in general but even I can see that simple policy making by diktat, especially when it overides the considered advice of a panel of experts he himself had chosen, is unwise, without giving a great deal of attention to all the details. Prejudice is often wrong. Evidence can be tested.
I am sure that the people of Rotherham would prefer me, at least, to consider advice and evidence before rejecting it!
The people most affected by this paralysis of policy are the innumerable families affected by a family members' drug or alcohol abuse. It destroys whole families slowly from within and when they are desperate and ready to break their addictions and turn to help, it simply isn't there.

We need a drugs policy that works! Not the mess and confused policy we have now. I am equally sure that this will continue under a Tory Administration which would have more problems with it than Labour, because of the previous known antics of the social circles they prefer us not to realise they still inhabit.

I will argue for a 'joined up' drugs policy that as well as punishes effectively, the criminality also provides the help needed to answer that call for it , when it comes. Whole families are affected and rehabilitation policy must reflect this in the range of support on offer.

Peter Thirlwall
Rotherham's own Independent Parliamentary Candidate.