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Peter Thirlwall

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Back to the Future for Tory Economic Policy?

Now that the dust has settled on last weeks Budget and we have had a chance to consider the response of the Tory Opposition and take a peek at their approach to the future running of economic policy, it is quite apparent that most of the lessons of the last fifteen years have completely passed them by!

My Tory opponent needs to explain why, after all, the Tory proposals are pretty much now as put forward by the Tories at every election since1997? 

Firstly it was William Hague, then Michael Howard now it is Cameron and George Osborne trying to convince us that this time the outcome will be different, if they simply wrap it up in a nice sugary and soft covering to conceal that at it's heart their approach has not really changed since Margaret Thatcher destroyed our industries, with the same economic approach they are still advocating, as the answer to the country's problems in the 21st century.

It is surprising, that although we see a clapped out and corrupt Labour Government, at the fag end of this Parliament they are still within touching distance of hanging on in Government. 
The Tories are desperate to show that they have changed, in doing so, they just prove they are still the same 'Old' Tories at heart, and they haven't changed one bit! 

A bunch of various toffs with privileged backgrounds telling ordinary folk that they now embrace them, and their aspirations, is a frankly ridiculous spectacle! 
Every time one looks closely at The Tories, the echos of the past a still being heard like a drum beat, The Tories haven't changed! Just the sugar coating!