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Monday, 1 March 2010

Labour and Tory Party's - Non-Domicile Embarrassment!

The truth has finally been revealed. The Tory Party's principal donor, Lord Ashcroft (Baron Ashcroft, of Chichester in the county of West Sussex, ennobled in 2000), is a tax evader!
He pays only a small proportion of the tax he should pay to the United Kingdom Exchequer.

Why does this matter? Lord Ashcroft is not only a very generous Tory benefactor (reported to have given £6,000,000 in the recent past) but is part of William Hague's team, present when policy matters are discussed and travelling with William Hague on foreign trips. 

Today's revelations also call into question his entitlement to sit in the House of Lords as Non-Doms are no longer supposed to be allowed. 

My Tory opponent, Jacqueline Whiteley, has some explaining to do!  
If she wants to be trusted by the voters of Rotherham, she has to explain why this man has been able to get so much influence, apparently with his money, when he is not resident in this country for Tax purposes. How does this fit in with the Tory Party's claims to be open and honest when all questions have been met with obfuscation or silence. It is now time to come clean!

The Labour Party has a similar problem in the shape of Sraj Paul, Baron Paul, of Marylebone in the City of Westminster to give him his full title.  He is a significant Labour Donor, ennobled in 1996 and put on the Privy Council, a very high honour indeed allowing him to us the title preceded by Rt Hon the Lord Paul.

Like Lord Ashcroft, Sraj Paul is a Non-Dom too, it has emerged, and similar questions need a full an honest answer from Labour as well.

Denis MacShane needs to explain this to his constituents, as well as properly accounting for our money he has spent.

If he wants to regain any credibility amongst his voters, he must answer the above, simple questions.

One would like to say, Denis.  It is your continued silence on these matters, that is harming your prospects electorally. Your constituents cannot believe that you are acting in this way and previous disclosures and the inevitable questions they provoke, must be answered by you.
The contempt for your electorate that is involved here, is staggering!
This can be remedied easily and simply by the disclosure of the basic information your electorate expects from you, if you are to get them to vote for you. 

Put simply, Denis please tell us?

Denis and Jacqueline, Rotherham is waiting, don't treat them with contempt, your electorate demand answers, before they vote for either of you!