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Peter Thirlwall

Thursday, 29 April 2010

If Brown thinks that Gillian Duffy is a bigot? He has insulted most of us!

To insult an ordinary voter such as Gillian Duffy says just how out of touch with the peoples genuine concerns he is.  Immigration is only eclipsed in Rotherham as an issue by the economic disaster! To be concerned is not the same as being bigoted, to say that it is, is just plain wrong! 

Concerns about the pace of recent immigration is an issue where we should listen to the very large number of concerned ordinary Rotherham people just like Gillian Duffy, who are not unreasonably dismayed by the recent turn of events brought about by opening our doors to all new entrants to the EU and giving up our ability to control this in any way. We did not have to do this.

I have heard the views of many from all communities in Rotherham and I have considered all opinions expressed and I am very grateful to you, for all of them, this has influenced my view which can be seen by Clicking Here

Gordon Brown's unguarded utterances tell us more than confirming how out of touch he is, they also confirm that he never takes the blame for anything he always blames others, never himself! 
Quick to take the credit, slow to shoulder responsibility, hardly the behaviour of a Statesman, more like a playground thug you might reasonably conclude. Very much like someone, much closer to home in fact, stand up Denis MacShane

They have also shed an unfavourable light on the gulf of understanding between those in power and the people. If merely to express legitimate concerns labels you a bigot! no small wonder then that the voters have become disaffected! No one is even prepared to listen respectfully to expressions of concern from ordinary voters! This explains to some degree the enormous frustration felt by voters who have been attracted to the siren voices of the far right as a way of expressing alarm at the changes that daily impact negatively upon them.

Rotherham people also know, deep down, that we will never solve our problems in Rotherham by first tearing it apart! The one thing we know for certain at this election, both the BNP and UKIP Candidates are racist bigots and not interested in solutions, just in creating more problems by exploiting division and preaching hate!

Myself and the Rotherham Independents are on the peoples side! We offer a better future for all Rotherham than, more of the same! I think we should face all issues head on, not ducking and diving, pretending that problems do not even exist! No problem in life ever improves by being ignored, so too, is the case with societies problems and all issues troubling them. I refuse to accept that we cannot build a future that is better than it is today. To build that future we need to do it together, I offer that possibility for real change, based on cooperation, not conflict!.

I stand for Openness, Honesty, Integrity and good 'old fashioned', Common-Sense. If you would like to know more, please give me a call, I would love to hear from you.

Peter Thirlwall
Independent Parliamentary Candidate
Rotherham Constituency

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