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Peter Thirlwall

Monday, 26 April 2010

MacShane the Truth! Time for Change in Rotherham!

For quite a long time now increasing information has been put into the public domain about MP's expenses in ways that have clearly demonstrated greed and in some cases much, much worse. Very little information has been made public because MP's have fought 'tooth and nail' to keep this information from you. No one has worked harder or voted so consistently to deny this information to you, than Rotherham's MP Denis MacShane

Denis MacShane is one of those MP's that have stayed out of the public spotlight by a mixture of running away and hiding until the fuss has died down and a total refusal to answer any of the many questions that can reasonably be asked given the paucity of information. MacShane has voted at every turn to deny you the basic information upon which to judge his performance. This pattern of behaviour, disappearing at crucial moments is evidence that MacShane is a political coward unwilling to live up to the expectations of his constituents, or even face up to his responsibility for his own actions.

MacShane's voters have a right to know how he spent their money. Gordon Brown has said that Labour MPs should be open and honest about their use of public money and have no second jobs of any kind. MacShane should now tell us what he did with our money? How many employers has he? Springs to mind to start with.

The record shows him to be a greedy MP, determined to get every penny he could out of the taxpayer and used his position to sell himself for hire to those willing to pay him for his diatribes. He has so many second jobs it is impossible to be sure how many different employers he has at any given time. This is a disgrace! He should work for us alone! Peter Thirlwall will only have one employer, You!

His record when it comes to our Town is lamentable, His home is not in Rotherham and he has employed a novel interpretation of the rules to get his Rotherham property paid for by you, in addition to his London base. His presence in Rotherham is news in it self and clearly shows a disinterested and disengaged MP just going through the motions. None of his own children have so much as seen the inside of a Rotherham school never mind receiving an education here. Are our schools not good enough for his children? Is Rotherham not a suitable place to make his home here? If our Town is not good enough for him and his family it is definitely time for him to go!

He has utter contempt for his constituents and a quick internet search reveals a picture of a pretty odious person indeed, totally motivated by self aggrandisement and little else, He is clearly using his position to make money for himself and it must stop!

Rotherham is ready for a new Member of Parliament, one who knows the Town and it's people, because he is one of them. Someone with a sense of decency and openness, very refreshing in a politician. Someone who has set dogma aside and rejects prejudice of any kind. Someone committed to listening and working with people to effect change that actually improves matters for them where they live, work and play.

That someone is Peter Thirlwall, the Independent Candidate for Rotherham Constituency who offers all of this and much more besides.

Voting Thirlwall at the elections on May 6th is the best way to get the representation that Rotherham citizens can only dream of and most important of all, to vote for a better future for Rotherham and all it's people!

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