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Peter Thirlwall

Thursday, 1 April 2010

April 1st No joke for Motorists and everyone else too!

Today sees the introduction of the first in three stages of Fuel Duty and the 'hidden' rise that VAT adds to the pump price!

All of us will suffer, it will increase our food bills, because everything we eat and use involves transport which will bear the brunt of the increases in costs and lead to eventual price rises as these extra costs pass down to consumers.
We have already seen record prices at the pumps today and these will rise again with the next two planned increases later this year.

Peter says:

"The bulk of motoring costs should be on use, not ownership. Put simply, the more you drive the more you should pay. Road Tolls and private Motorways would be an unnecessary part of the future of Major Road building projects. We need to see an end to all tolls, not continue down a route to giving us more of them!

The proportion of annual costs of vehicle excise duty to running costs must be reduced. Only by this means can some degree of fairness be introduced into the system!

Rises in Fuel Duty will only be accepted when this balance is properly addressed by Government. This is, I believe,  the only fair way for the future!"