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Peter Thirlwall

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Peter Thirlwall’s - Views on Immigration

The Problem
  • The overall lack of control of the situation combined with the view that the Labour Government assumed that they would all vote Labour in elections and connived at bring in 700,000 economic migrants, in just 2 years, no wonder things are not going smoothly!
  • Most would agree that our borders should be properly controlled and be able to 'count people in and count them out' when they leave. We should be in control of who is here, the fact that we can’t, worries most people, quite rightly.
  • The rights granted to EU citizens by our Government. Only 2 countries other than ourselves granted these rights to the 2004 entrants to the EU.
  • Asylum Seekers who ultimately are refused 'leave to remain'.(often referred to as bogus in the press)
  • Illegal Immigration, in fact ordinary citizens will never in fact know they exist.
  • The issue of amnesty for the current illegal entrants already here.
  • The effects that the burden is perceived as being unacceptably high in both financial terms and the burden on community resources such as Schools, Housing, Social Services and Health.
  • There is a perception that those who are recently arrived enjoy benefits denied to the host community. This perception is very divisive, it is strongly felt and far more complex than often portrayed by some disreputable political parties. 

Peter’s View:

  • The Government has a duty to control our borders. I will insist that this happens.
  • The Government should not have granted a general right of admission for EU citizens. I will argue against this.
  • We do need skills from abroad and many of our citizens work abroad in other countries, their rights too must be considered. I will support a proper, points based, system to replace the current, chaotic approach, to economic migration.
  • No one would wish to deny entry to those fleeing tyranny and persecution but it seems to any reasonable person to be open to abuse. I want the issue to be re-examined from basic principles, to give us a system that is understood and respected by all. I will argue for and cooperate with those of goodwill to sort out this mess.
  • The burdens placed on our local communities are unacceptably high and residents have legitimate concerns which they want addressed. I will argue that proper funding must be available to host communities to offset the unfair cost burden.
  • Those here illegally are queue jumpers by another name, I do not approve of an amnesty, as that would end up rewarding them for this and be grossly unfair for all concerned. I am not in favour of an amnesty for those already here illegally.
  • I believe illegal immigrants are by their very nature unwelcome to the host country and ultimately futile for the perpetrators as they are often subject to the very kind of abuse and semi-slavery they were trying to escape from.
I am convinced that it is time that the people got involved on this as so many issues when people of 'good will' do not speak out the racist bigots get the field to themselves and any open and honest approach is likely to be ignored in the general confrontation.

Peter Thirlwall
Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Rotherham