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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Peter Thirlwall - Views on the Green Belt.

I have been asked for my views on the Green Belt by the Chairman of the Save Our Greenbelt Group Simon Collett. Here are my responses:

1. Do you agree to support the principles of no house building on Rotherham’s Green Belt?  
Thirlwall's Answer: Yes

2.Do you agree to support the complete abolition of the Spatial Strategy and homes within it which if realised will lead to the loss of large swathes of greenbelt land? Thirlwall's Answer: Yes

3.Do you agree to support house building levels based on an independent assessment of Rotherham’s actual housing needs? Thirlwall's Answer: Yes

I have dealt with this issue in detail please click here to view. I would be glad to discuss this or any other matter please phone me or email me here.

My view is straight forward, if Green Belt land is required for housing it should not be built upon while Rotherham has so many 'Brown Field' sites that have not all been included in the Council's proposals. Even if all alternative sites were to be exhausted, Rotherham's people would need to think very carefully before concreting over any more of our open, green spaces. Rotherham's green lungs must be protected and cherished by us all.

Independent Candidate
Rotherham Constituency

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