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"I stand for Rotherham, I make no apologies for having pride in Rotherham. I will speak up at every opportunity for Rotherham and it's people".
Peter Thirlwall

Friday, 16 April 2010

Breaking News - Independent Network Endorsement

We are proud to announce that Peter Thirlwall's candidature has been endorsed by the Independent Network. This clearly demonstrates Peter's commitment to the Independents cause and their commitment to him as a torch bearer for openness, truth and integrity in public life.


Aims of the Independent Network
  • create a sense of cohesion and identity for Independent candidates using the IN brand 
  • establish national credibility for independent candidates - enabling the electorate to vote independent with greater confidence that an Independent vote is a vote for a more representative government.
  • provide support to independent candidates. Many independents do not have access to the same scale of resources of a national political party.
  • provide a forum of discussion, experience and advice for independent candidates. Candidates can use the network to share knowledge and work cooperatively in the best interests of the electorate.
  • provide guidance and resources for independent candidates that will enable them to be elected at local, regional, national and European elections.
  • promote a fairer system in which independents can compete with political parties.
  • promote independent politics and encourage the electorate to acknowledge the success and influence independents are having in local government and Parliament.
If you would like to know more, Peter would love to hear from you, the contact information on the left side will help.
If you want to help, or join us or have a general question about the Rotherham Independents please Email us at independentsteam@googlemail.com.

Peter's Parliamentary Campaign Team
Rotherham Independents