"Be Part of the Future! Not the Past! - Together, Let's Change Rotherham for Good!"

"I stand for Rotherham, I make no apologies for having pride in Rotherham. I will speak up at every opportunity for Rotherham and it's people".
Peter Thirlwall

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mick Sylvester on Peter Thirlwall

Michael Sylvester standing as an
Independent in Wingfield Ward.
"I completely support Peter Thirlwall's standing as an Independent for Rotherham in the 2010 General Election.

I first had the pleasure of working with Peter in his attempt to secure the Labour Party nomination for the Rotherham by-election of 1994 when despite the overwhelming support of local Labour Party members, he was left off the candidates shortlist leaving Party 'yes' man Denis MacShane to become our MP.

I admire that despite being on the approved Labour parliamentary candidates list, Peter only ever sought to stand in the town and to my mind, this sets him apart from the 'run of the mill' career politicians we see too much of.

In the past few years, Peter could have chosen to keep quiet, be a good boy for the Labour Party and have a good income with special responsibility allowances and junkets.  Instead he chose to make a stand against the culture that infects local and national politics of nest feathering and milking the tax payer.

The Tories and Liberal Democrats are an irrelevance in Rotherham and Peter has been working day in, day out against what I view as a corrupt Labour MP and Council.  Our choice in Rotherham is between a Labour MP who needs a map to find his constituency, which is only of use to help support his various income streams, and a brave champion who has said "enough" to the idea that politics is just about crossing your own palm with silver.

At 7am on May 6th in the St Johns Green polling station, I will be nothing but proud to put my cross against Peter Thirlwall's name."

Mick Sylvester 
Wingfield Ward