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"I stand for Rotherham, I make no apologies for having pride in Rotherham. I will speak up at every opportunity for Rotherham and it's people".
Peter Thirlwall

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Peter Thirlwall, Independent for Rotherham. What motivates my campaign!

I believe in a proper 'old fashioned' Public Service ethos. Honesty and plain speaking is what motivates me deep down and is driving my current attempt to remove one of the greediest, manipulative, unpleasant, distant, arrogant and selfish Labour part time MPs that still exist in anything like a 'safe' seat at this General Election. In the case in point this is The Rt Hon Dr Denis MacShane, almost universally loathed by those who know him and has few friends in Rotherham.

Almost the entire population of our Town has been disgusted by the scandals and the spotlight they have brought to public greed by those who are supposed to be our servants not the other way round. By the time the greed, sleaze and corruption was exposed amongst Members of Parliament, the cancer had already spread far and wide, infecting public life insidiously over the last 13 years, after first infecting the Town Halls of our country and going on to Parliament, this has resulted in the most corrupt, greedy and self serving Parliament in history and Town Halls that have lost their way.

MacShane represents unfinished business. His record, such as it is, clearly shows, at best a greedy man, that sells himself to many masters for personal profit as he can while jetting off across the Atlantic to sell a book he had practically got Parliament to write for him on behalf of a Committee of Parliament in their report into the subject.

The Labour Party have confidence in MacShane, they are clearly wrong, they want to foist him upon us once again!
"If the Labour Party will not remove him, as they should, then the electorate have an opportunity to do it themselves!"

Peter Thirlwall
Independent Candidate, Rotherham