"Be Part of the Future! Not the Past! - Together, Let's Change Rotherham for Good!"

"I stand for Rotherham, I make no apologies for having pride in Rotherham. I will speak up at every opportunity for Rotherham and it's people".
Peter Thirlwall

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Irene Furnell Proposes Peter for Rotherham

The election as we all know has been called today  I have been delighted to  have been asked to propose Peter Thirlwall  and delighted also that he has shown the courage to stand.

Why courage ?

Peter has been around the political scene in Rotherham a long time and is fully aware what an enormous task he is embarking on and in spite of this he is taking up the challenge . Taking it up seriously too I know he will give the campaign 100% just as he would give we the people of Rotherham 100% should he be elected. As the support for him grows ,as I believe it will, so will the wrath and spite machines of the main parties . Peter knows this and is not intimidated by it - good on you Peter.

I have know Peter for  more than thirty years and it is this courage along with his energy and capacity for hard work , his tenacity,  his single mindedness in the best interest  of Rotherham and its people -  to name just a few of his qualities that this town needs. Qualities which are relevant and in my view sadly lacking in the way we are being represented at parliamentary level at the moment.

Peter also has the full support of his wife Jean and family which is essential to this demanding job.

As an Independent candidate his loyalty is to the people he represents - the people who vote for him are his only masters. As a local lad  he is one of us  and just like most other right thinking people thinks Rotherham deserves better.

Should Peter win Rotherham would be in safe hands and you know even if he doesnt win he will  have done us all a real favour. For too many years Labour has taken our trust in them for granted and have gone unchallenged with wallies who see Rotherham as a safe bet and a job for life for themselves fighting for this seat .

Peter is giving us the chance to tell them - We have had enough! So if they manage to hold on who knows they might even start to be accountable.

I shall be doing all I can to help Peter in his campaign and urge you all to do the same.


Irene Furnell